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Perfect for all dog types as we are able to establish a personal bond, ideal for anxious dogs & dogs that are unable to be walked in groups.

We are fully insured & DBS checked, so you can be sure that your dog will be safe in our care. Our SOLO dog walks take place in the nearby area, whether that be a park, a nature reserve or the beach, we walk straight from your front door and aim to vary the walks as much as possible, so your dog continues to sniff new scents. I will of course send pup-dates and let you know how your dog is getting on.


Why us?

Unlike other walkers in the area, we're not in this for the money. We only offer SOLO dog walks, we don't walk up to 6 dogs at the same time as we feel it's vital that we are focusing only on your dog, to ensure they enjoy their walk with us as much as possible. There is no travel time with us, we walk your dog from your front door. As it is a SOLO walk, walks can be tailored to meet the needs of your dog, maybe they need a slow walk with lots of sniffing, or perhaps they need a high intensity walk to burn of some energy, whatever they need, we can help!


Will my dog be safe?

At Wagging Tails we are dog owners, we won't put your dog in danger, you can be sure that when walking your dog we will look after them, as though they are our own pets. After a walk, if your dog is wet they will be towel dried & if required we can feed your dog. Not only will your dog be safe but so will your home, as previously mentioned we are DBS checked and fully insured. No address details will be on the key and your key will be kept in a secure safe, when not being used.


A discounted rate is provided based on days booked.

Days booked

30 Min

45 Min

1 Hour













50% discount for an additional dog from the same household. 


How do my prices compare? SOLO dog walkers in the area charge anywhere up to £25.00 per hour. 


Other local walkers may offer slightly cheaper SOLO walk rates, however please bear in mind that they focus their attention on pack walks and therefore their SOLO walks may be pushed to the back of the queue.





"My daughter uses Wagging Tails for walking her dog while she and her husband are at work. Cameron the young man who does this is a very nice pleasant lad, he never lets you down always prompt, and always responds to messages very quickly. I would highly recommend him."


Teddy's owner



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